Happy 100th episode day!

Podcast Episode #100

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Show Notes

Happy 100th episode to you!! It’s crazy to think that it’s been 100 days since this journey started. Today I will announce if I will continue with my daily releases or if I will reduce a little bit how often I publish my episodes. Besides I am also talking about the interview I did with Earth911 podcast that is already out!!

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Listen to the earth911 interview here: https://pca.st/14a7gwkm

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Episode 89 (about the interview): https://anchor.fm/wannabentrepreneur/episodes/89---Did-I-just-screw-up-my-first-changeit-interview-e15i4sp

Episode 84 (about the community): https://anchor.fm/wannabentrepreneur/episodes/84---How-I-am-creating-communities-around-my-businesses-e15a7d1

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