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Podcast Episode #161

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Show Notes

In this episode I am speaking about:

  • Introducing the new podcast members to the community.
  • Importance of listening to what your users and community have to say about your project.
  • Being embaraced and not knowing what to answer to the question: “What are you working at?”
  • Asking the community how would they invest 1M euros in their product
  • Rating 3 SEO content creators on fiverr

Join our virtual Co-Working Space: https://wannabe-entrepreneur.com/member/

New Members:


Lee Ann


SEO FIverr Blogposts:

1- The Bootstrapper Paralysis (by Junaid)

3- How can a Millennial Find Purpose at Work? (by Creative Mind)

3- How do I get 100 followers on Twitter? (by Amnanamjad)

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