Interviewing Cassidy Williams about finding her perfect job

Podcast Episode #172

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Show Notes

Listen to Cassidy interview in the Wannabe Entrepreneur podcast where she speaks about the reasons behind leaving Netlify and how her past experience working in big and small companies helped her realize the type of job that makes her the most happy and fulfilled (her perfect job).

Interview Sections

0 min - 4:30 min

  • Cassidy’s introduction
  • Working at Netlify

4:30 min - 12:30 min

  • Turning 30
  • Working on a small company VS a big company
  • The politics of big companies like Amazon and Netlify
  • How does Cassidi’s perfect job looks like

12:30 min - 22:00 min

  • Why Cassidoo loves teaching
  • The interest in entrepreneurship
  • The entrepreneurial culture in Intuit

22:00 min - 25:20 min

  • Asking companies to keep ownership of side projects - A lot of companies really want to own you
  • Amazon employees could only develope games if they used amazon tech
  • I don’t want companies to own my Twitter account

25:20 min - 36:00 min

  • How Cassidoo’s fame helps her getting jobs
  • Humor and Engineering - I like making fun of things because it’s such a serious industry
  • Using Google as a developer

36:00 min - end

  • What tech is Cassidy more excited about

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