Interviewing Roberto Robles about SEO for Indie Makers

Podcast Episode #174

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Show Notes

Listen to Roberto Robles interview in the Wannabe Entrepreneur podcast speaking about his entrepreneurial journey and sharing great SEO tips that you will be able to apply in your business. Learn about backlinks, SEO optimization, search volume and more…

Interview Sections

0 min - 17:00 min

  • Roberto’s introduction growing up in Tijuana
  • Building a successful agency
  • Building SaaS for dentists the wrong way

4:30 min - 48:00 min

  • Can a SEO agency guarantee results? - No one can guarantee results! Only google
  • SEO tips and tricks: long tail keywords, search volume, SEO audit, etc…

48:00 min - end

  • How to hire some competent to take care of SEO
  • What are the prices?

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