Interviewing Alex Friedman about Burnout and FounderGigs

Podcast Episode #176

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Show Notes

Alex Friedman is the founder of TalkHowdy and FounderGigs two successful companies that she started after leaving her job in the famous startup acelerator Tech Stars.

FounderGigs: Is a platform where startup founders can find part time jobs that will help them mantain there financial independence while they are building their business. The platform offers a big variety of jobs like sales, engineering, marketing, design, etc… The tipical companies hiring in FounderGigs are startups that in pre-seed and series A rounds.

Besides speaking about her entrepreneurial journey, in this podcast interview Alex will also speak openely about entrepreneur anxiety and burnout and will give some tips and tricks that will help the listeners avoid falling into such a state.

Interview Segments

0 min - 18:00 min

  • Alex’s introduction and background
  • Burnout and entrepreneur anxiety - You need to give yourself the permission to rest
  • Meeting more founder friends and taking time to family

18 min - 37min

  • How FounderGigs started
  • How FounderGigs is making 2K MRR
  • Favore marketing channels

37 min - end

  • Should bootstrappers go through startup accelerators
  • Most important tip for startup founders

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