Interviewing Michelle about Building VC funded Startups in Public

Podcast Episode #196

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Show Notes

Michelle Marcelline is one of the few entrepreneurs out there that is building a VC-founded company in public. Today she will tell the story of how she, together with 5 co-founders quit their jobs to take their company through the Y Combinator program. Michelle will also speak about what is Web3 and how they are using it in their startup.

About Michelle** (aka@**michwirantono)

Born and raised in Indonesia, Michelle moved to the USA to study where she met her 5 co-founders. After college, she got a great job but end up leaving it 3 months later to take her company through Y Combinator. Their first startup was a stock exchange platform for Indonesia, but they had to pivot due to regulatory constraints and end up building Cotter, a No-Code passwordless login, that was later on sold. At the moment Michelle and her co-founders are working on Typedream that allows Notion users to build websites.

About Wannabe Entrepreneur

My name is Tiago and I am the host of this podcast. I am a software developer turned bootstrapper and in the WBE podcast, I interview other entrepreneurs and narrate my own journey building my projects.

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