To AppSumo or Not to AppSumo. What shall we do?

Podcast Episode #290

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Show Notes

What should you consider when negotiating a deal? In this podcast episode, I share my experience playing football in Portugal and how owning a ball made me popular among my friends. I then dive into my business, PodSqueeze, and the process of finding the right transcription service. João and I tested various services and found a partner that reduced our costs significantly. I also talk about my decision not to go for a deal with AppSumo for PodSqueeze. My partner and I considered whether we had enough information about our business to ensure a good deal. Tune in to learn more about my journey as an entrepreneur.


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Playing Football in Portugal [00:00:12]

Growing up in Portugal, I loved playing football with my friends. Having the ball made me popular among my peers, and we would spend hours playing and practicing our skills.

Negotiating API Prices for PodSqueeze [00:07:00]

As the founder of PodSqueeze, I faced the challenge of negotiating prices for APIs for my business. Finding the right provider was crucial, and I had to carefully consider the costs and benefits of each option.

Interviewing API Providers [00:08:54]

During my search for the right API provider for PodSqueeze, I interviewed with different companies. It was important to me that they made me feel wanted as a client and understood the unique needs of my business.

Transcription Accuracy [00:10:53]

One of the challenges I faced when transcribing an interview was accurately identifying speakers and removing filler words. It was crucial to ensure the accuracy of the transcription to avoid any misunderstandings.

Negotiating with AppSumo [00:15:18]

When negotiating with AppSumo, a lifetime deal marketplace, I had to carefully consider the potential risks and benefits of offering a one-time payment deal for PodSqueeze. It was a tough decision, but ultimately, we decided to go for it.

Crunching the Numbers [00:17:31]

To predict the potential profits and risks of the AppSumo deal, I crunched the numbers and analyzed the data. Negotiating better pricing could make the deal more profitable, so I had to carefully consider all the options.

Negotiating with API Sales Representative [00:21:17]

As the founder of PodSqueeze, I had to negotiate with an API sales representative to ensure that we were getting the best deal for our business. It was a challenging process, but we were able to come to an agreement that worked for both parties.

Benefits and Downsides of Having a Bootstrap Company [00:22:11]

As the founder of a bootstrap company, I have experienced both the benefits and downsides of investing our own money and not having to justify our decisions to investors. It’s a unique experience, but one that I wouldn’t trade for anything.

Growing a Bootstrap Business [00:24:00]

To grow our bootstrap business, we are doubling down on our marketing efforts and exploring new opportunities. It’s a challenging process, but one that we are excited to take on.

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