I am taking the fight to a whole other level

Podcast Episode #291

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Show Notes

Have you ever started something from scratch and worked your way up? As someone who practices Muay Thai, I can attest to the importance of gradual improvement in both martial arts and entrepreneurship. In this episode, I’ll be sharing my personal experience and how it relates to building a business. I’ll also be discussing my financial goals for PodSqueeze and how I plan to balance creating a product that is both enjoyable and useful for podcasters while also generating revenue. Additionally, I’ll be diving into the two main focuses of my business: marketing and product improvement.


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Consistent Release Schedule [00:00:12]

Tiago apologizes for not sticking to a consistent release schedule for his podcast and pledges to release new episodes every Wednesday.

Martial Arts Journey [00:02:11]

Tiago talks about his experience practicing Muay Thai, a martial art, for the past year and how it has humbled him.

Entrepreneurial Journey [00:07:49]

Tiago relates his journey as an entrepreneur to his experience in martial arts, acknowledging that he still has much to learn and that he is now in uncharted territory with a business that is actually paying the bills.

Reaching financial goals [00:09:52]

Tiago discusses his financial goals for his business and how he plans to achieve them.

Selling the company [00:13:08]

Tiago talks about the possibility of selling his company and the factors that go into valuing a company.

Balancing work and enjoyment [00:17:03]

Tiago discusses his desire to build and grow his business while also enjoying life and pursuing other projects that bring value to the community.

Marketing and CRM [00:19:29]

Tiago discusses the two sides of their business, marketing and product improvement, and how they are focusing on creating their own CRM to improve B2B sales.

Cold emailing and potential SEO strategies [00:21:40]

Tiago talks about how cold emailing has been successful for their business and potential SEO strategies they can implement, such as using user-generated content for their podcast.

Attending a conference [00:26:35]

Tiago and Joan discuss the pros and cons of attending a conference as exhibitors or visitors, and how it can help them make connections with big companies in the podcasting world.

Tiago’s conference plans [00:29:39]

Tiago talks about his plans to attend a conference and how it will provide great content for his podcast.

Tiago’s Spanish live stream [00:31:12]

Tiago mentions that he and his team will be doing a live stream in Spanish, despite not speaking the language, which he finds interesting.

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