Can Millennials Really Accomplish Anything They Want?

Podcast Episode #294

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Show Notes

Have you ever wondered what the millennial generation is capable of achieving? In this episode of “The Wannabe Entrepreneur,” I discuss the potential of millennials to accomplish great things and the importance of pursuing our dreams. I also share personal stories about a volleyball game and my experience working at a co-working space in Lisbon. Additionally, I talk about unexpected events that happened to my business, including hiring an influencer that did not generate as much traffic as I had hoped and trying to switch to a cheaper API provider that did not work as expected.


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Introduction [00:00:14]

Tiago introduces himself and his podcast, which is about bootstrapping a company. He talks about his journey and the indie community.

Millennial Generation [00:01:36]

Tiago discusses the millennial generation and how they were taught that they could accomplish anything. He talks about the criticism that millennials face and how they are starting to accomplish things that were never accomplished before.

Volleyball Game [00:09:01]

Tiago shares a personal anecdote about a volleyball game he watched, where his cousin’s team made a comeback and won in the last minute.

Lesson from a Volleyball Game [00:11:15]

Tiago shares a personal anecdote about a volleyball game he watched and the lesson he learned from his 12-year-old cousin.

Sponsorship from an Influencer [00:12:28]

Tiago and Joe receive an email from an influencer offering to do a sketch for them for only $100, and they discuss whether it’s legit or spam.

The Video is Online [00:19:10]

Tiago shares that the video made by the influencer is well-made and explains their product, but they realize that the influencer’s audience is not interested in AI tools.

Changing API Providers [00:22:42]

Tiago talks about finding a cheaper API provider for transcription and the excitement of waiting for the new model to be in production, only to be disappointed when it didn’t work.

Celebrating Too Soon [00:27:03]

Tiago shares his frustration with a transcription model that didn’t work after celebrating too soon and trusting the team behind it.

Office Day [00:29:28]

Tiago talks about his desire to work outside of his home and his plan to convince his co-founder to have an office day at a co-working space, specifically Selena in Lisbon.

Co-working space and exploring Lisbon [00:31:03]

Tiago talks about his experience working in a co-working space in Lisbon and exploring the city with his friend.

One day per week to work from a coffee place [00:31:53]

Tiago suggests the idea of having one day per week to work from a coffee place or co-working space and invites listeners to join him in Lisbon.

Supporting the podcast and community [00:33:27]

Tiago encourages listeners to support his podcast by joining his community for indie makers, which costs 10 bucks per month and offers access to events and support from people all over the world.

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