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Podcast Episode #296

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Show Notes

Have you ever wondered if remote work is as productive as working from an office? In this podcast episode, I, Tiago, an indie hacker and entrepreneur, share my experience with remote work and the benefits of working from a co-working space with my co-founder, João. I believe that remote work can be productive, but it depends on the type of work and how long you are doing it. In my opinion, a hybrid mode of work could be the best balance. I also discuss the challenges of running a startup and dealing with customer churn. Join me in supporting the indie hacker community and listening to this podcast.


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Working from a co-working space [00:01:15]

Tiago discusses the benefits of working from a co-working space and how it helps with loneliness and productivity.

Remote work productivity [00:03:18]

Tiago talks about the productivity of remote work and how it can decrease over time due to distractions.

Finding a good co-founder [00:08:11]

Tiago shares his experience with finding a good co-founder and how it can make or break a project.

Tiago’s Entrepreneurial Journey [00:09:13]

Tiago shares his experience of starting out as an entrepreneur and how he connected with a successful entrepreneur who became his mentor.

Importance of Compromise in Business Partnership [00:10:58]

Tiago discusses the importance of compromise in his business partnership with Sean and how they deal with disagreements.

Challenges of Running a Tech Product [00:13:49]

Tiago talks about the challenges of running a tech product, including high churn rates and customer complaints, and the importance of putting oneself in the other person’s shoes to communicate effectively.

Bug prioritization [00:17:22]

Tiago discusses the need for prioritizing bugs and tasks in his company and how they handle them.

Churn problem [00:18:21]

Tiago talks about the churn problem in his company and how they are trying to solve it by asking users for feedback.

Risk and uncertainty [00:20:12]

Tiago discusses the risks and uncertainties of running a business, including platform risk and competition, and his personal philosophy on living life on his own terms.

Capitalism and Indie Hacking [00:25:37]

Tiago discusses the negative effects of capitalism on business and how indie hacking can be a more pure way of making money.

Indie Hacker Conference [00:26:34]

Tiago talks about his idea of creating an indie hacker conference in Lisbon and asks for feedback from his co-founder.

Focus on Pod Squeeze [00:27:25]

Tiago reflects on his current focus on his project Pod Squeeze and wonders about his future projects.

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