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Podcast Episode #298

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Show Notes

In this episode of my podcast, “Wannabe Entrepreneur,” I share some valuable insights on the challenges and realities of being an indie hacker. As an indie hacker myself, I understand the importance of finding a balance between financial stability and pursuing your passion. I discuss the need to sometimes take on freelance work to make ends meet and the importance of having a side job to support oneself while pursuing indie hacking.

I also share success stories from the indie community, including Luca, who was able to make money from his indie project and eventually sell his company. I finish by telling our tale to find the perfect API transcription provider for Podsqueeze.


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Dagobert’s tweet about quitting his startup


Indie News [00:02:40]

Tiago talks about the recent shutdown of indie startup Legality by Dagobert and the challenges of being an indie hacker.

Success and the Indie Lifestyle [00:08:16]

Tiago reflects on the ups and downs of being an indie hacker and how success is not a happy ever after, but a lifestyle with its own perks and downsides.

Tiago’s Freelance Gig [00:09:32]

Tiago discusses how being an indie hacker is a lifestyle and how he has taken on a freelance gig to help pay the bills.

The Importance of a Side Job [00:10:36]

Tiago discusses the importance of having a side job as an indie hacker to reduce anxiety and boost ego.

Iterating and Dropping Projects [00:14:06]

Tiago emphasizes the importance of keeping an open mind and being flexible as an indie hacker, iterating and dropping projects that do not have early success.

Finding a New Transcription Provider [00:17:24]

Tiago shares the story of finding a new transcription provider for his podcast, negotiating prices and testing different providers before making a decision.

Transcription Issues [00:20:27]

Tiago discusses the challenges of finding a reliable transcription service for his podcast and the issues he faced with different providers.

Vacation and Revenue Drop [00:28:46]

Tiago talks about his recent vacation and the challenges of being an indie hacker, including a drop in monthly recurring income due to a big client churning.

Decreasing Churn [00:30:00]

Tiago discusses implementing annual plans and working on ways to decrease churn in order to improve revenue for his indie startup.

Tiago’s plans for the future [00:30:59]

Tiago discusses his desire to replicate the success of his current project, Pod Squeeze, and his plans to learn more about marketing and scaling through interviews.

Podcast growth and call to action [00:32:00]

Tiago shares the growth of his podcast and encourages listeners to share it with friends and join his community for indie makers.

Unusual company training in the US [00:33:06]

Tiago briefly mentions the need for active shooter training in some US companies.

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