Podsqueeze just hit $100,000 in annual revenue!

Podcast Episode #299

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Show Notes

Hey there! Have you ever wondered what it’s like to reach a major milestone in your startup? Well, in this episode, I’m excited to share with you the recent achievement of my own startup, Pod Squeeze, hitting $100,000 in annual revenue. But it’s not all smooth sailing. I’ll be diving into the challenges we faced, including a decline in monthly recurring revenue and a 20% churn rate. To combat this, I’ll be discussing the introduction of yearly plans with a discount. Join me as I reflect on the financial implications and potential valuation of the company. Plus, I’ll be sharing an awkward moment with my co-founder and the valuable lesson I learned about navigating disagreements and leveraging each person’s expertise. Tune in as I highlight the importance of discussions and compromises in co-founder relationships.


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Implementing features to mitigate churn [00:02:48]

Discussion on the implementation of features to understand and mitigate the 20% churn rate.

Introducing yearly plans [00:06:06]

Explaining the decision to introduce yearly subscription plans and the initial success of attracting subscribers.

First yearly agency plan [00:09:21]

Excitement over the first agency plan subscription, with a user committing to pay $1300 upfront for the product.

Reaching $100,000 in annual revenue and the potential valuation of the company [00:10:40]

Tiago discusses the recent milestone of his startup, Pod Squeeze, reaching $100,000 in annual revenue and speculates on the potential valuation of the company.

Comparing the financial benefits of entrepreneurship to a 9 to 5 job [00:11:46]

Tiago compares the financial benefits of running his own company and potentially selling it to the salary he could make in a 9 to 5 job.

Considering the possibility of selling Pod Squeeze and the reasons behind it [00:13:47]

Tiago discusses the advice he received from a friend about selling Pod Squeeze, the competitive nature of the industry, and the potential threats from big companies creating similar products.

Navigating Awkward Moments in a Partnership [00:20:42]

Tiago discusses the challenges of navigating awkward moments and the importance of growth in a partnership.

Managing Expectations and Autonomy [00:21:54]

Tiago reflects on his initial desire for his co-founder to focus solely on their startup and the need for both of them to have autonomy in their respective roles.

Defining Roles and Trust in a Co-founder [00:24:25]

Tiago discusses the importance of defining roles and trusting each other’s expertise in order to make their startup succeed.

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