Sailing Against the Tide

Podcast Episode #300

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Show Notes

Have you ever participated in a quiz with friends and suddenly realized how little general knowledge you actually have? That’s exactly what happened to me recently. So, I’ve decided to study flags to improve my knowledge in that area. On another note, I’m really passionate about sailing, but navigating the strong tides and currents of the river in Lisbon can be quite challenging. It has taught me the importance of patience and waiting, which I find parallels with my entrepreneurial journey. While I’m grateful for the stability in my business, I’m also yearning for something new and dreaming of creating a collaborative working environment.


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Participating in quizzes [00:00:12]

Tiago’s recent quiz participation with friends, their two wins, and his realization of his lack of general knowledge.

Studying flags [00:01:25]

Tiago’s interest in flag study, noticing design patterns across regions, and the idea of a sitcom about friends bonding over quizzes.

Sailing and dealing with tides [00:03:39]

Tiago’s passion for sailing, challenges of strong tides in Lisbon river, and a recent experience sailing against the tide, emphasizing patience and waiting for change.

Tiago’s mindset shift and embracing stability in his entrepreneurial journey [00:11:37]

Tiago’s desire for something new and creating a positive work environment [00:12:41]

Tiago’s dream of collaborating with other indie hackers and potential plans for a co-working space [00:14:55]

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