Why Do We All Live The Same Life?

Podcast Episode #301

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Show Notes

Have you ever wondered about human achievements, societal norms, and different lifestyles? Today, I’ll be reflecting on these topics, specifically in the context of indie hacking. I’ll also share my thoughts on two inspiring documentaries that showcase individuals living extraordinary lives, and question why society often discourages deviating from the norm. We’ll then dive into my own indie hacking journey, discussing my product, PodSqueeze, and the challenges I faced with fake accounts. I’ll touch on my involvement in a community project and share my thoughts on changing the monetization model. Finally, I’ll discuss my lack of motivation and energy for certain projects, emphasizing the importance of quitting something that no longer brings joy.

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The discovery of a new exoplanet [00:00:12]

Tiago discusses the recent discovery of a new exoplanet and how humans were able to find it by studying a star.

Societal norms and expectations [00:01:39]

Tiago explores why most people live life in a similar manner, attributing it to social norms and the pursuit of growth and power in Western societies.

Different lifestyles and admiration for extraordinary individuals [00:04:15]

Tiago reflects on the fascination with individuals who live different lifestyles, such as chefs turned travelers and mountaineers, and how they are celebrated despite societal pressure to conform.

The competition and fake accounts issue [00:14:15]

Tiago discusses their desire to see their project grow and the annoyance of fake accounts.

Changing restrictions on free users [00:15:16]

Tiago explains the decision to limit certain features to paid users to combat the issue of fake accounts.

Reducing customer support and implementing AI agent [00:18:50]

Tiago talks about implementing features to reduce the need for customer support, including creating folders and an unsubscribe button, as well as introducing an AI agent for customer support.

Lack of motivation and considering giving up [00:26:50]

Tiago discusses their lack of motivation to work on certain projects and considers giving up on them.

Quitting is not a failure [00:27:45]

Tiago emphasizes that quitting or giving up on something is not a failure, but rather a natural part of life and pursuing other interests.

Promotion of user desk and call for feedback [00:28:47]

Tiago mentions user desk and encourages listeners to check it out, providing a link in the show notes. They also mention that feedback would be appreciated and provide contact information for the creator.

Mentions with timestamps:

Exoplanet: 00:00:12

Netflix: 00:04:15

Anthony Bourdain: 00:05:48

“The Alpinist”: 00:05:48

Elon Musk: 00:07:04

Mr. Beast: 00:07:04

Casey Neistat: 00:07:04

Obama: 00:07:04

Taekwondo: 00:10:51

Tony Dinh: 00:13:10

PodSqueeze: 00:14:15

ChatGPT: 00:18:50

User Desk: 00:21:20

Notion: 00:21:20

User Desk website: 00:21:20

Luca’s products: 00:21:20

User Desk.io: 00:21:20

User Desk: 00:28:47

Luca’s Twitter: 00:28:47

Tiago’s Twitter: 00:28:47

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