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Podcast Episode #302

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Show Notes

Is money a synonym for success? I’m thrilled to announce that we’ve reached a milestone of $10,000 in revenue. Plus, I recently bought a used car and the response on Twitter was amazing. Join me as I discuss the importance of freedom over money for indie makers and explore a potential product idea for a search engine for podcast episodes. I’ll also reflect on my growth as an entrepreneur and how success has changed my self-perception. Lastly, I invite you to join our community and share this podcast with others in the indie maker community. Let’s connect and learn together!


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The milestone celebration [00:02:13]

Tiago discusses reaching a significant milestone of $10,000 in revenue and plans to celebrate with a special dinner.

Twitter monetization rumors [00:05:31]

Tiago talks about the recent buzz on Twitter about content creators getting paid and their own experience with trying to monetize their account.

Imposter syndrome and the journey of an indie company [00:09:50]

Tiago reflects on their imposter syndrome and the mixed feelings about the future of their company, sharing insights from interviews with other successful entrepreneurs.

Freedom vs Money [00:10:49]

Tiago discusses the importance of freedom over money and asks the audience to choose between working hard for $1 million or having full freedom with less money.

Creating a Podcast Search Engine [00:11:58]

Tiago shares their idea of creating a search engine for podcasts to make it easier to find specific episodes and discusses using OpenAI’s embeddings for smart searches.

Building a Search Engine for Podcasts” [00:13:55]

Tiago explains the benefits of having a search engine for podcasts and the potential for creating a landing page for each episode, while acknowledging the challenges of monetizing the idea.

Tiago’s self-confidence and validation [00:21:22]

Tiago reflects on how their self-confidence and ego have changed with success, and how they are now seen as a reference by others.

The stages of believing in a dream [00:22:29]

Tiago discusses the stages of believing in a dream, from thinking it’s impossible to realizing it’s possible through persistence and hard work.

The importance of passion and challenging oneself [00:27:03]

Tiago emphasizes the importance of passion and challenging oneself, sharing examples of successful individuals who continue to work hard and pursue their passions despite already achieving financial success.


Changeit app: 00:00:12

Twitter: 00:05:31

GPT-4: 00:07:38

OpenAI: 00:11:58, 00:13:00

Trello: 00:10:49

Spotify: 00:11:58

Wagyu beef: 00:14:57

Coldplay Concert: 00:24:39 - 00:25:54

Community for Entrepreneurs: 00:27:03

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