Don't do business with people you don't trust

Podcast Episode #304

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Show Notes

In this episode, I’ll be sharing my recent experiences with my business partner and landlord. From struggles with onboarding business partners who seemed to take control of the conversation, it’s been quite a journey. I’ll also be discussing my personal experience with our rented flat in Lisbon. Join me as I reflect on these experiences, contemplate changes to my business model, and invite your suggestions. Let’s dive in!


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Trying to find a business partner [00:02:40]

Tiago discusses his experience with trying to onboard business partners to sell their product, but it hasn’t been successful so far.

Concerns about a potential business partner [00:03:51]

Tiago and Joe discuss their conversation with a potential business partner from France and express concerns about losing control of their company and lifestyle.

Unexpected housing situation [00:07:05]

Tiago shares his experience of renting a flat in Lisbon and how their landlord unexpectedly refused to renew their contract, leading to the realization of the importance of trust in business dealings.

Tiago’s Thoughts on the Community [00:11:56]

Tiago discusses the purpose of the community and whether it should focus on making friends or providing value.

Considering a Change in Business Model [00:13:00]

Tiago contemplates changing the subscription-based business model to a one-time payment model for the community.

Exploring New Ideas for Monetization [00:14:51]

Tiago explores the idea of converting his guides into an ebook and potentially creating a fund for indie hackers.

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