How Success Changes The Way You See Yourself

Podcast Episode #305

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Show Notes

Have you ever wondered how success can change a person? In this episode, I’ll be reflecting on this concept, and using I’ll be sharing my own experiences with success through my company, PodSqueeze. From childhood dreams of being an entrepreneur to taking my profession seriously, I’ll discuss the impact success has had on me. We’ll also touch on the challenges of building a company, including tax considerations and the possibility of starting a business in a country with lower taxes. Managing taxes and expenses properly is crucial for scalability and growth.


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Success and Change [00:01:23]

Discussion on why people change with success, using Elon Musk as an example.

Validation of Success [00:03:52]

The narrator’s experience of how success has changed their interactions and engagement on social media.

Pursuing Dreams [00:10:19]

The narrator’s journey of pursuing entrepreneurship as a dream and how it changed their perspective on their career path.

The coping mechanism of coding at the beach [00:12:29]

The speaker discusses how they used to feel anxious about not being productive during beach holidays and how they started using coding as a coping mechanism.

Accepting and embracing their entrepreneurial personality [00:13:31]

The speaker talks about gaining confidence in their way of seeing life and accepting their entrepreneurial personality, despite being different from others.

Challenges and frustrations of building a company [00:17:42]

The speaker shares their frustrations with the managerial and organizational aspects of building a company, including decision-making, meetings, and dealing with taxes.

The tax deductions dilemma [00:24:14]

Explains the difference in expenses that can be deducted in a company and the gray areas surrounding deducting business trips.

Challenges of starting a company in Portugal [00:26:22]

Discusses frustrations and delays in registering a company name in Portugal, highlighting the need for change.

Hiring a community manager [00:28:22]

Shares the process of hiring a community manager, including receiving video applications and the excitement of having someone to help manage the community.

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