I Don't Know How To Run A Business

Podcast Episode #306

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Show Notes

In this episode, I, Tiago, an indie maker and entrepreneur, share my journey and the challenges I face in navigating the business side of things. From setting up a company to handling taxes and hiring professionals, there’s a lot to learn. I discuss the lack of discussion around these less glamorous aspects and the fear of making mistakes. I also share my hiring process for a community manager, emphasizing the importance of trust and fit. Plus, I contemplate the need for a lawyer to define contract terms. Tune in for all the insights!


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The phase of adulthood [00:01:24]

Tiago discusses the different phases of a business’s life, comparing it to the stages of a person’s life.

Setting up a company and address [00:04:53]

Tiago talks about the challenges of setting up a company, including the decision of what address to use and the option of a virtual office.

The frustration of bureaucratic tasks [00:09:07]

Tiago expresses frustration with the bureaucratic tasks involved in running a business, such as finding the right services, interviewing professionals, and dealing with taxes.

The hiring process [00:12:26]

Tiago discusses his first ever hiring process and the importance of finding the right person for the role.

Understanding wealth and taxes [00:16:30]

Tiago reflects on his changing definition of wealth and the realization that minimizing profits can reduce taxes.

The importance of understanding taxes [00:23:35]

Tiago emphasizes the significance of understanding the tax system as an entrepreneur and how it can lead to success.

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