Tips for Indie Makers Perform at The Highest Level

Podcast Episode #309

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Show Notes

Are you an indie maker looking to perform at your best? In this episode, I dive into strategies for reaching the highest level of productivity. Discover the power of structuring your day and finding a routine that suits you. As a fellow night owl, I emphasize the importance of working with your natural body and brain rhythms. Plus, I reveal the benefits of sleep, cold showers, and intermittent fasting. Learn how to boost productivity, conquer distractions, and find relaxation through meditation. And don’t forget to share your tips and suggestions for future episodes! Reach out to me today.


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How to Perform at the Highest Level [00:01:13]

Discussion on the importance of structuring one’s day to perform at the highest level, drawing parallels with athletes and other professions.

Being a Night Owl [00:04:23]

Tiago shares his experience as a night owl and the benefits of accepting and working with one’s natural sleep patterns.

The Benefits of Cold Showers [00:07:09]

Tiago talks about the benefits he has experienced from taking cold showers, including improved tolerance to cold, potential immune system boost, and a mindset shift.

Reducing Calorie Intake and Productivity [00:10:10]

Tiago discusses how he reduces his calorie intake by practicing intermittent fasting and how it affects his productivity.

Importance of Food and Productivity [00:12:03]

Tiago talks about how the food he eats affects his productivity and how eating less helps him stay focused and avoid feeling tired or sleepy.

Managing Distractions and Increasing Productivity [00:13:02]

Tiago shares strategies for managing distractions while working, including taking breaks to do minor tasks and avoiding the temptation to use social media or browse the internet.

The importance of meditation [00:19:27]

Meditation as a tool for stress relief and problem-solving.

Balancing work and personal life [00:20:32]

Struggles with knowing when to stop working and the never-ending tasks.

The value of rest and prioritizing mental health [00:21:42]

Recognizing the need for rest, setting priorities, and avoiding burnout.

The value of your hour [00:29:38]

Tiago discusses the importance of assigning a monetary value to your time and making decisions based on that value.

Making smart investments [00:30:44]

Tiago explains how to make calculated decisions by exchanging tasks based on their value and ensuring they don’t exceed the value of your time.

Supporting the podcast [00:31:50]

Tiago shares ways to support the podcast, including becoming a member of the community, which costs $10 per month.

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