How To Hire Top Freelancers for Your Indie Company

Podcast Episode #312

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Show Notes

Have you ever wondered what it’s like to hire new team members for a bootstrapped company? Well, in this episode, I’ll be sharing my personal experience with hiring for my company, PodSqueeze. It all started when I hired a content agency to write ebooks, which turned out to be a success. But when we needed blog posts for SEO, we reached out to them on Twitter and decided to work on a freelance basis. Then came the time to hire a freelance developer, and the response on Twitter was overwhelming. After careful consideration, I selected Reeshav from India. Tune in to hear about my positive hiring experience and the progress we’ve made with Reeshav. And don’t forget to support the podcast and join the indie maker community!

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Hiring a Content Writer [00:01:23]

Discussion about the need to hire a content writer for SEO purposes and the unsuccessful attempt to find a cheap writer on Fiverr.

Working with a Content Agency [00:03:30]

Exploration of the decision to work with a content agency for ebook writing and the positive experience with the agency Knitting and its partners, Nithin and Kartik.

Hiring a Freelance Developer [00:06:42]

The host’s desire to hire a freelance developer and the process of finding potential candidates through a simple tweet on Twitter, including the filtering process based on skills and rates.

Finding the right vibe [00:10:12]

Tiago discusses the importance of finding someone with a nice vibe and who is uncomplicated to work closely with.

The bias in video applications [00:11:03]

Tiago reflects on the bias in the video applications he received, with only one application from a woman and a majority of applications from men.

Selecting the candidates [00:12:58]

Tiago talks about selecting two candidates, one from India and one from Italy, for interviews and discusses the importance of having in-person chats to understand each other’s goals and expectations.

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