This Is Going To Be a Huge Marketing Bet

Podcast Episode #313

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Show Notes

I have some exciting news to share - our company has decided to sponsor a podcasting conference in Berlin as part of our marketing strategy. I’ll be discussing our experimentation with different approaches like cold emails and automation, as well as our current focus on sponsoring conferences. Join me as I talk about my goals for attending the conference, the frustrations of non-business tasks, and the constant feeling of dissatisfaction that entrepreneurs often experience. Plus, I’ll be sharing a new feature we’ve developed and inviting you to join me at an upcoming event in Berlin.


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The conference sponsorship [00:01:29]

Thiago discusses the marketing strategy of trying different channels and scaling successful ones, including sponsoring a podcasting conference.

Testing conferences as a marketing strategy [00:02:37]

Thiago explains the decision to test sponsoring smaller conferences to reach target users and evaluate the return on investment.

Challenges with company infrastructure and bureaucracy [00:07:01]

Thiago expresses frustration with setting up the company infrastructure, dealing with taxes, and the complexity of bureaucratic processes.

The worry of losing it all [00:10:57]

Thiago discusses the common concern among entrepreneurs about the fear of losing their money and success, even when they have achieved significant wealth.

The excitement and frustrations of being an entrepreneur [00:11:54]

Thiago reflects on the excitement and fulfillment of working for himself, but acknowledges the frustrations that come with being an entrepreneur. He emphasizes the importance of loving what you do in order to succeed.

Introducing the new video clips feature [00:12:59]

Thiago announces a new feature on their platform: video clips. He explains that this feature has the potential to attract more traffic and shares his excitement about its potential success. However, he mentions that he currently lacks the time and energy to fully focus on it.

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