Interviewing Daniel about the Ups and Downs of Building Wundertax

Podcast Episode #314

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Show Notes

I am interviewing Daniel, the CEO of Wundertax. He takes us on a journey from Hong Kong to Germany, sharing his experiences in entrepreneurship and the creation of Wundertax. We dive into the challenges of starting a business, securing funding, and navigating co-founder dynamics. Daniel also shares insights from his time in Amsterdam and how Wundertax focuses on customer needs and market trends. Tune in for a fascinating discussion on startups, entrepreneurship, and the complexities of tax filing.

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The Ups and Downs of Daniel’s Journey [00:00:30]

Daniel, the CEO of Wundertax, shares his experiences and challenges as a founder.

Wunndertax: Making Taxes Simple [00:01:27]

Daniel introduces Wonder Tax, a tool that simplifies the tax process, and discusses its benefits.

From Hong Kong to Germany [00:02:05]

Daniel talks about his background, growing up in Hong Kong, studying in Germany, and his experiences working for Rocket Internet and Foodpanda.

Pressure from families and the issue of affordability in Hong Kong [00:09:51]

Discussion about the pressure from families and the high cost of living in Hong Kong, leading some young people to move to other countries.

Entrepreneurial background and first business idea [00:11:05]

Conversation about Daniel’s family background and his early interest in entrepreneurship and building things.

Building the first version of the tax tool and its success [00:13:50]

Explanation of how they built the minimum viable product (MVP) using an Excel sheet and freelancer, and the subsequent viral success of the tool.

The problem is more important than the solution [00:20:20]

Discussion on the importance of focusing on solving customer problems rather than coming up with innovative solutions.

The process of building a business and product people want [00:22:13]

Talk about the importance of having a vision but also considering the needs and wants of customers when building a business.

The marketing mix and peak revenue during tax deadline [00:26:09]

Explanation of the marketing strategies used, including Facebook marketing and Google ads, and the significant increase in revenue during the tax deadline period.

Building Monetization [00:29:02]

Daniel discusses the decision to introduce monetization to their platform and the positive response from customers.

Raising Series A Funding [00:32:05]

Daniel talks about the ease of raising funding after implementing monetization and the process of negotiating with investors.

Growing the Team and Spending Money [00:37:48]

Daniel describes how they used the funding to hire more employees, expand their office, and throw parties, while also feeling pressure to deliver on their promises.

The decision to become CEO [00:38:38]

The speakers discuss how the CEO is typically the more outgoing and investor-facing role in a company, while the COO is more inward-facing.

The challenges of growth and profitability [00:39:36]

The speakers talk about the pressure to continuously raise funds and grow, and how some companies struggle to become profitable.

The decision to part ways with the co-founder [00:44:22]

The speakers discuss the conflicts and disagreements between the CEO and co-founder that led to the decision to no longer work together.

Daniel’s move to Amsterdam [00:48:31]

Daniel discusses his decision to move to Amsterdam for four years and work on a moving platform.

The challenges of raising the next round [00:50:22]

Daniel talks about the difficulties he faced in raising the next round of funding for his startup.

The downfall of the company [00:52:56]

Daniel explains the challenges faced by his co-founder and the company, leading to the departure of the CEO and most of the employees.

Starting Wonder Tax [00:57:57]

Daniel discusses the initial meeting with the team from Wonder Tax and their confusion about his ideas.

Growing the Company [00:59:00]

Daniel talks about the changes they made when he became CEO, including hiring more staff and launching new products.

Addressing the Fear of Taxes [01:05:30]

Daniel explains how Wonder Tax tries to address people’s fear of doing their taxes by providing easy-to-understand content and a user-friendly tool.

The design and competition dilemma [01:08:04]

Discussion on how to navigate competition in terms of design and following other companies’ paths.

The importance of mobile experience [01:10:02]

Exploration of the significance of mobile experience for easy tax cases and the focus on improving the mobile app.

Considering market demand and strengths [01:11:07]

The CEO emphasizes the need to consider customer and user preferences while also focusing on the company’s strengths and current customer base.

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