How to Sponsor a Conference with your Indie Business

Podcast Episode #315

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Show Notes

Have you ever sponsored a conference to grow your business? In this episode, I, an indie maker, and my co-founder Joao, dive into our experience sponsoring a conference in Berlin for our company, Podsqueeze. We were initially worried about being scammed, but we ended up sealing a sponsorship deal for $700. I chat about the perks of attending such events, like networking and potential client acquisition. However, we also faced challenges, like feeling uncomfortable with aggressive self-promotion. Despite the setbacks, we made valuable connections. Tune in as I reflect on the importance of having an official presence and the value of networking at conferences.


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Introduction to sponsoring a conference (00:01:30)

The host explains why he and Joao decided to sponsor a conference in Berlin and the importance of marketing.

Finding a conference to sponsor (00:02:48)

The host discusses the difficulty of finding affordable conferences to sponsor and how they discovered Pod Fest Berlin.

Preparing for the conference (00:09:15)

The host talks about their preparations for the conference, including designing t-shirts and getting flyers and banners ready.

The organization of the event (00:12:09)

The speaker discusses the lack of effort in organizing the event and the disappointment of not having many podcasting-related activities.

Meeting other sponsors (00:13:07)

The speaker talks about meeting the other sponsors of the conference, including representatives from Prodigy and McKee.

Feeling ignored and demotivated (00:17:48)

The speaker shares their frustration with being ignored by some podcasters and feeling demotivated after a long day of networking.

Distributing the Flyers (00:21:33)

The host talks about his experience distributing flyers at the conference and the mixed reactions he received from people.

Creating an Official Pod Squeeze Booth (00:22:18)

The host describes how they set up a table with their laptop and flyers to create an official booth for Pod Squeeze, which changed the way people perceived them.

Exploring Partnerships (00:23:12)

The host discusses their efforts to close partnerships with other companies, including discussing a potential API integration with Podigee and exploring a collaboration with Mackie for a giveaway.

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