Interviewing Dagobert About How to Avoid Burnout as a Founder

Podcast Episode #316

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Show Notes

Have you ever experienced burnout and its impact on your health? Well, Dagobert shares his personal experience with burnout and how it led to a significant shift in his work-life balance. We also dive into the importance of therapy for mental health and how it played a crucial role in Dagobert’s recovery.


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The challenges of becoming official (00:04:43)

Tiago and Dagobert discuss the process of becoming an official company and the frustrations and complexities they faced with the tax system.

The benefits of using Lemon Squeezy (00:06:57)

Dagobert explains how using Lemon Squeezy as a merchant of record can simplify the tax burden and accounting process for online businesses.

The complexities of the tax system (00:10:16)

Tiago and Dagobert discuss the complicated nature of the tax system, including the different tax rates in different countries and the deductions that can be made to reduce taxes.

The burnout and realization of goals (00:11:21)

Tiago discusses his burnout and how he became obsessed with reaching a monthly income of $10,000, only to realize it didn’t solve all his problems.

The risks and peace of mind (00:12:09)

Tiago talks about the peace of mind he feels with his recurring income, although there is a small chance it could go to zero.

The collapse and symptoms of burnout (00:18:10)

Dagobert describes the moment his body broke down due to burnout, experiencing symptoms such as racing heart, tingling sensations, and anxiety.

The burnout realization (00:22:24)

Speaker 2 discusses how he initially dismissed the idea of burnout but eventually realizes that it is the cause of his symptoms.

Impact on the business and relationship (00:25:16)

Speaker 2 explains how his burnout affected the business and caused stress for his partner, leading to the collapse of the business.

Living in constant stress (00:27:43)

Speaker 2 reflects on how he got used to living in constant stress and denial as an entrepreneur, leading to his burnout.

The challenges of relying on Twitter for income (00:31:59)

Speaker 2 discusses the stress and pressure of depending on Twitter for income and the need to go viral.

Dealing with burnout and self-care (00:33:02)

Speaker 2 shares their experience of burnout and the steps they took to address it, including meditation, journaling, and therapy.

Transitioning to a job and financial stability (00:34:04)

Speaker 2 talks about the decision to find a job for financial stability and the relief it brought to both themselves and their partner.

The trust and autonomy in the new job (00:42:46)

Speaker 2 talks about being given complete autonomy in their new job as a product manager and the trust placed in them by the company.

The value of experience and skills (00:44:16)

Speaker 1 and Speaker 2 discuss how the skills and experience gained over the years have made Speaker 2 valuable in their current role.

Success and recognition in the startup (00:49:41)

Speaker 2 reflects on how their past failures and experiences in building startups have been recognized and valued by the founders of the current startup they work for.

The beginning of the entrepreneurial journey (01:00:17)

Tiago discusses the criteria that would make him sell his business and the challenges he may face in the future.

Lucy’s current situation (01:02:06)

Dagobert talks about how Lucy is still trying to make the business work and the financial struggles she is facing.

Differences in moving on (01:05:46)

Dagobert explains how he has moved on from the business while Lucy is still trying to find a way to make it work, despite the challenges she faces.

Recognizing and Preventing Burnout (01:10:35)

Discussion about the importance of recognizing burnout and tips for preventing it, including the recommendation of therapy.

The Importance of Finding the Right Therapist (01:11:36)

Speaker 2 shares his skepticism about therapy and the importance of finding a therapist who understands the body and can provide a different perspective.

Unlocking Stuck Energy in the Body (01:17:12)

Explanation of how therapy can help unlock stuck energy in the body, leading to more clarity and the ability to make decisions.

The decision-making struggle (01:20:00)

The speakers discuss the struggle of decision-making and how it can be influenced by fear and hesitation.

The importance of therapy for founders (01:21:06)

They discuss the benefits of having a therapist by your side as a founder, helping to provide clarity and objectivity in decision-making and potentially saving time and avoiding ego-driven decisions.

Couples therapy for co-founders (01:23:14)

They explore the idea of co-founder therapy and how it can help address issues and improve communication between co-founders, potentially preventing mistakes and improving the overall success of the startup.

Regaining Power and Mental Support (01:29:30)

Tiago compares being an entrepreneur to being an athlete and discusses the importance of mental support in achieving success.

Learning Soft Skills and Balancing Work (01:30:50)

Dagobert talks about learning soft skills, finding balance, and prioritizing health and enjoyment in his work.

New Powers and Taking a Different Approach (01:33:03)

Dagobert shares his new perspective on work, focusing on having productive and meaningful hours rather than overworking himself.

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