How Makers Take the Most Out Of a Tech Conference

Podcast Episode #318

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Show Notes

What it’s like to attend a major tech conference like the Web Summit? Well, in this episode, I’ll be sharing my personal experiences from the event. Despite all the controversy and big tech companies dropping out, the turnout was massive! I’ll be discussing my networking strategies, like using the event app to connect with people and finding a quiet area for meetings. I’ll also open up about my struggles with social anxiety at networking events. Plus, I’ll emphasize the importance of business cards and share some interesting interactions with industry professionals.


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´╗┐Finding Success at Web Summit (00:01:23)

Tiago discusses his experience at the Web Summit tech conference, including controversies, ticket acquisition, and preparation tips.

The Overwhelming Nature of Web Summit (00:02:33)

Tiago describes the overwhelming size and structure of the Web Summit, with multiple pavilions, talks, booths, and an app for networking.

Networking and Scheduling at Web Summit (00:06:38)

Tiago shares his strategy for networking at the conference, including using the app to connect with people, scheduling back-to-back talks, and finding a quiet meeting area.

Blushing and Social Anxiety (00:10:31)

Tiago discusses his experience with blushing and social anxiety, how it affects his interactions, and the potential connection to anxiety or phobia.

Awkward Networking Events (00:11:29)

Tiago talks about feeling awkward during networking events, particularly when approaching people and breaking the ice.

Interactions and Insights from Podcasters (00:12:20)

Tiago shares his interactions with podcasters and people in the industry, discussing the struggles of podcasting, learning about Spotify’s role, and offering help and advice.

The card is an effective networking tool (00:19:31)

Tiago discusses how he used his business card to approach someone and make a connection.

Offering a discount on the card (00:20:18)

Tiago explains how his business card also includes a discount and information about his product.

The podcast has a strong and supportive community (00:21:03)

Tiago expresses gratitude for the listeners and mentions the active community of indie makers who support the podcast.

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