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Podcast Episode #325

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Show Notes

Ever wondered how a developer turns into an entrepreneur? In this episode of “The Wannabe Entrepreneur,” I, Tiago, dive into my own transformation, revealing the ins and outs of my entrepreneurial journey. I’ll walk you through the crucial role of passive user acquisition strategies, such as SEO and content creation, and explain why it’s essential to engage different customer segments through multiple touchpoints. I’ll share my experience in recognizing the power of expertise, detailing how bringing in SEO and Instagram marketing specialists took my business to new heights. Plus, I’ll discuss how I broke through a growth plateau by embracing automation and delegation. And don’t miss out—I’m inviting you to join my now-free community for entrepreneurs, a place where strategic investments meet exponential growth. Join me on this adventure!


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Marketing as an Entrepreneur (00:00:08)

Tiago discusses the challenges of marketing as an entrepreneur and the need to change skill sets.

Learning as an Entrepreneur (00:02:43)

Tiago emphasizes that entrepreneurship is a lifelong learning process and shares his journey of learning and growth.

Investing in Passive Sources (00:04:44)

Tiago talks about the importance of investing in passive sources of users and the impact on sustained growth.

Strategies for Marketing (00:08:54)

Tiago discusses the need for multiple touchpoints and strategies for automating marketing efforts.

Utilizing Shorts for Marketing (00:12:40)

Tiago shares the experience of using shorts for marketing and the initial success and challenges faced.

Analyzing Conversion Rates (00:16:59)

Tiago explains the importance of analyzing different sources of marketing and their impact on conversion rates.

Automating tasks (00:19:03)

Discussing the need to automate tasks to avoid burnout and focus on marketing and strategizing.

SEO strategy (00:19:59)

Exploring the effectiveness of hiring an expert for SEO strategy and the positive impact it had on the business.

Utilizing expertise (00:21:57)

Highlighting the value of hiring experts in specific fields, such as Instagram, to accelerate growth and avoid unnecessary trial and error.

Cost-effective marketing (00:22:52)

Evaluating the cost-effectiveness of hiring individuals for marketing strategies instead of delegating to expensive agencies.

Community engagement (00:24:43)

Announcing the decision to make the community space free and encouraging support for the podcast through alternative means.

Conclusion and support (00:25:33)

Wrapping up the episode and offering ways for listeners to support the podcast while also making the community space accessible for free.

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