You Need To Grow Together With Your Business

Podcast Episode #326

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Show Notes

I’ll talk about the crucial skill shifts, strategies to keep customers, the art of delegation, and the power of SEO and email marketing. Learning from fellow entrepreneurs has been key, and I’m eager to show that bootstrapping can lead to serious financial wins.


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Skills required to scale a product (00:01:18)

Understanding churn and its impact (00:03:39)

Delegating tasks and reclaiming time (00:06:57)

Investing in sustainable marketing strategies (00:10:07)

Expanding touchpoints and marketing efforts (00:12:08)

Learning from others’ experiences (00:16:01)

Conscious use of time and resources (00:19:25)

Becoming the Best Entrepreneur (00:20:28)

Closing Remarks (00:21:23)

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