Why Some Products Grow And Others Don't?

Podcast Episode #327

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Show Notes

Why do some products grow more than others? In today’s episode of “The Wannabe Entrepreneur,” I ponder over the growth trajectory of my product, the inevitable plateau, and the significance of early adopters and the early majority. I confess to overlooking long-term marketing tactics initially and discuss strategies to break into fresh markets, like YouTube and non-English speaking segments, aiming to maintain momentum and captivate early innovators.


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The frustrating smartwatch purchase (00:00:12)

Dealing with refunds and customer complaints (00:03:21)

Understanding early adopters and early majority (00:07:30)

Lessons from initial product growth (00:10:53)

Neglecting sustainable marketing strategies (00:14:06)

Tapping into new markets and potential strategies (00:17:04)

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