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Podcast Episode #331

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Show Notes

I’m happy to share some personal updates and entrepreneurial insights. Lately, I’ve discovered Apollo, a networking tool that’s completely revolutionized the way I connect with others. Our Website was completely down for a complete 30 min and I have never beens this stressed XD And to continue this stressing week we decided to increase Podsqueeze prices! Get ready for a very packed episode!


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Audiobooks and Entrepreneurship (00:00:11)

Tiago discusses his preference for audiobooks over physical books and the complexity of entrepreneurship.

Discovering Apollo (00:02:22)

Tiago shares his discovery of Apollo, a tool for finding and reaching out to potential clients, and its impact on his and his wife’s entrepreneurial endeavors.

Technical Issue with Website Hosting (00:12:02)

Tiago recounts the technical issue with his website hosting service, the downtime experienced, and his decision to switch to a different hosting provider.

Pricing Changes (00:16:49)

Tiago explains the decision to increase the prices of Podsqueeze, the impact on customer conversion, and the strategic considerations behind the pricing changes.

Selling the business (00:22:10)

Discussion on selling the business, organic growth, and profitability.

Upcoming interviews (00:23:06)

Announcement of upcoming interviews with Dagobert and Rob Walling, and wishes for entrepreneurial success.

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