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Podcast Episode #332

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Show Notes

In today’s podcast, I dive deep into how we juggle our time, chase wealth, and strive for that elusive work-life balance. I shared some personal stories, including the ups and downs with my own project, Podsqueeze, and how I’m tackling growth challenges head-on. We also talked about why we leave cushy jobs to strike out on our own—is it for freedom, money, or impact? Inspired by folks like Casey Neistat and Tim Ferriss, I mused on the art of delegation, automating the mundane, and setting priorities to make every moment count. Join me as I explore the true cost of entrepreneurship and whether selling Podsqueeze might just be the key to finding balance.


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The Point of Being an Entrepreneur (00:00:11)

Influence of YouTuber Casey Neistat (00:01:33)

Setting Challenging Goals (00:04:01)

Delegating Tasks and Automating Processes (00:06:29)

Balancing Work and Personal Life (00:10:41)

Training and Delegating Responsibilities (00:13:40)

Automating Personal Life Tasks (00:21:03)

Challenges and Decision-Making for Podsqueeze (00:23:06)

Re-evaluating Podsqueeze (00:24:15)

Setting Goals and Accountability (00:25:20)

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