The Pressure of the 30s

Podcast Episode #333

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Show Notes

I’ve been reflecting on the growth and changes over the past few years. We talked about the leap from a 9 to 5 to full-time entrepreneurship, the societal pressures we face, especially as we hit our 30s, and the quest for work-life balance. I also pondered the idea of renting an office space to combat the solitude of working from home and to build a community with fellow creators.


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Reflecting on the Journey (00:00:05)

Transitioning to Indie Entrepreneurship (00:01:35)

Navigating Societal Pressures (00:04:09)

Challenges of Social Expectations (00:07:51)

Self-Confidence and Entrepreneurship (00:13:36)

Wealth and Investment Strategy (00:14:56)

Balancing Work and Social Life (00:23:40)

Setting up a new office space (00:25:44)

Inviting others to work in the office (00:25:44)

Seeking feedback and engagement (00:26:41)

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