The Bootstrapper's Guide

A step-by-step guide to help you structure your ideas and find paying users

Follow the method used by successful Indie Makers

I interviewed dozens of bootstrappers and created this highly hands-on guide

Avoid the mistakes and frustrations that every newbie goes through

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✅ Easy to follow actionable tasks

✅ Access to all the future updates

✅ Interactive notion-based guide

✅ Shorts with experts explaining each step

✅ Start building in the first 10 minutes

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What The Guide Covers 📝

You will start working in the first 10 min of opening this guide

Here are the 5 tasks you will have to complete to reach your first paying users

Task 1

Find Your Audience 👨‍👩‍👦

Describing your audience should be the first task of any project you want to create

In this task you will...

➡️ Identify your target audience

➡️ Find where they hangout

➡️ Learn how to interact with them

Task 2

Find A Problem 🔍

Every product exists to solve a problem.

In this step you will...

➡️ Describe the problem you want to solve

➡️ Validate if that problem really exists

➡️ Determine the size of the market

Task 3

Find A Solution 💡

How can we solve your audience problem?

In this task you will...

➡️ Find a solution for the identified problem

➡️ Validate if your audience needs your solution

➡️ Find how and if it is possible to monetize the solution

Task 4

Build An MVP ⚒️

Now the fun part starts 🤩 Keep in mind that until now you did not write a single line of code

In this task you will...

➡️ Find your mvp feature set

➡️ Define your tech stack

➡️ Work on the product and landing page

Task 5

Find Paying Users 🤑

It is time to make some money 💰💰

In this task you will...

➡️ Distribute your product

➡️ Find your first paying users

➡️ Improve your mvp

early bird discount — 50% off