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    Kazi Rabbany

    Hello, everyone 👋

    I am a software engineer and tech entrepreneur. I started my entrepreneurial journey in 2008!
    Just recently, I’ve started building in public. 💪

    2022 Goals

    In 2022, I started the “12 Startups in 12 Months” challenge. I am documenting my journey in my newsletter. Please feel free to subscribe. And follow me on Twitter.

    Current startups from this challenge:

    • LabSocial - A Twitter growth tool to leverage meaningful relationships & to build your audience on Twitter
    • Twitter Incubation Program - A comprehensive guide for building a loyal audience on Twitter. It’s for beginners who have less than 1K followers.
    • - A landing page builder to create and validate your MVP faster
    • KrazyMail - Validate & verify email addresses in realtime
    • AI Tools - Some AI tools for you
    • OneGame - Mindful dating with a unique matchmaking experience

    My goal is to have any one of the startups from this challenge to be profitable enough to make it a full-time job. 🎯


    I really like traveling and exploring different cultures. I would love to do travel plans again, once the pandemic is in control. ✈️

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