Sam Cox

Hi there!

I’m a wannabe entrepeneur, bootstrapping and I typed my first line of code in December 2020 and learned to code using free materials online (and lots of trial and error!).

I was previously a Building Services Consultant (aka a Designer in the Construction industry). In June 2021 left my construction career to take a leap and build full time.

Both FloTrain and StayReady are based on knowledge retention / knowledge distribution.

FloTrain is intended for at Teachers or Training Managers. FloTrain allows a Teacher to automatically send their Students a short multiple choice question on a regular schedule (i.e. daily, or every other day) and track their answers (optionally). This fights against the “forgetting curve” to help students retain the knowledge they have learned, as well as allowing a Teacher to re-focus lessons on subjects of incorrect answers.

StayReady is the same principle, but intended for end-users and specifically for First Aid knowledge. StayReady data is prepopulated; so users that sign up will get daily questions to make sure they are ready to deal with an emergency when required.

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