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    Hey everyone, I’m a former engineer and marketer and current full-time wannabe entrepreneur.

    I’m based in Melbourne, Australia.

    I’ve pivoted to start my own Digial Agency called Personalized Technology - which is focused around all things personalization :-) Check it out here:

    I’m offering the following services/products:

    • Webinars and Micro-webinars
    • Interactive Videos
    • Interactive Images
    • Augmented Reality Phone Apps
    • Personalized Sales Funnels
    • UI/UX design, video creation, copy writing and graphic design

    I’m a rookie web-developer and would love any advice on building tech products. Right now I’m using Vue 3, NUXT and Supabase to build my app.

    Some things I like to do for fun:

    • Archery
    • Running and working out
    • Tutoring

    I’m excited to hear more about other people’s personal journey in entrepreneurship, so feel free to reach out for a chat!

    My 3 Products

    Educate your leads and build instant authority

    Interactive Media

    Create mesmerizing visual stories that capture attention

    Video Testimonials

    Create authentic social proof

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