October 27, 2021

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How to avoid getting stuck when boostrapping a business?

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Bootstrapping a business is challenging but rewarding. Becoming an entrepreneur can be intimidating and exhilarating, but it’s a life-fulfilling venture.

Life is about making choices. You have to make decisions and ease the pain for your customers.

Generaly in life there is a path to follow being with studies or in your job, but there is no right way as an entrepreneur…

Initially, you struggle for sustainability and often get paralyzed.

So what to do when things don’t go as planned?

It can cut off a part of your motivation. Here, it is best to discuss and get opinions from your Bootstrapper community.

Recently, I got demotivated and made a simple tweet about it, I got great opinions from fellow successful bootstrappers on Twitter that I will explore in this episode furthermore in this episode, we will talk about:

What to do when you feel stuck with your business?

There is no right way to become an entrepreneur. Initially, you have to struggle for sustainability as for every penny spent; you earn nothing. You can get paralyzed when you don’t know what to do or where to go. At this point, when you feel paralyzed, take a break and try to disconnect your mind from the main problem. For entrepreneurs, the best solution is to join and engage with the bootstrapper community and get their opinions.

Do you want to meet other indie hackers?

Come share your journey with bootstrappers working on their web projects

What are important changes done in our Changeit app?

Think about unique selling points for your product or services. We made a few changes to our Changeit app recently. The changes have made it more compatible with our mission to make sustainability more accessible. Most importantly, now you can create your personalized notifications with the app.

What are Cool Marketing & SEO Tools for Bootstrappers?

Here are a couple of marketing and SEO tools I am exploring in this episode:

  • Unionmatrix: Marketing expert Alexandra recommended it. It offers free and paid tools. Here the Twitter Assistant is an interesting free tool that analysis your Twitter profile, and give helpful suggestions. With this tool, I got my best-performing tweets, best time and day to tweet, hashtags and suggestions about people on Twitter I should interact with.

  • Tweet Hunter: It’s a step ahead of Twitter Assistant and suggests tweets that perform best for similar accounts.

  • Google Trends: It’s an incredible free tool for keyword research and analysis. You can use it to find what people are searching for worldwide or in a targeted location. With it, you get great suggestions for similar searches on different timeframes.

  • Answer the Public: It is a fantastic tool to find what people are searching for a keyword. You can do three searches for free each day. It’s helpful to plan your future podcasts, blogs, and much more. Tip: Use VPN to change your IP and do more than three searches right away.

What are the most important things to bootstrap as an entrepreneur?

Remember always keep learning. From every new venture, learn something new.

If your CV doesn’t get updated after every six months, you need to think about what you are doing.

The most important things to Bootstrap as an entrepreneur include:

  • Join, discuss, share and get opinions with the bootstrapping community.

  • For your product or service, think about its unique selling point.

  • Explore and use new marketing & SEO tools

You will probably enjoy listening to the Wannabe entrepreneur episode with Marketing expert Alexandra to get insights on great tips and marketing tools.

You can become a Wannabe entrepreneur Bootstrapper community member to meet cofounders, find mentors and engage with fellow bootstrappers.