October 5, 2021

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Finding the cheapest tool to build a webstore in 2021

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Here are the multiple platforms I investigated before building my webstore:


  • Probably the most used platform to build an online store which means that there is a lot of tutorials and documentation.

  • You don’t need to be a developer to set it up.

  • 5 euros per month for a small store

  • Integration with many payment methods but takes a percentage from any payment method that is not “Shopify Payments”.


  • It’s based on Wordpress so… it’s not for me


  • It’s open source and free to use.

  • You need to host it yourself or find a provider to do it.

  • There are many one-click providers (I used hostinger)

  • With hosting it costed me around 4euros per month

  • It requires some knowledge of HTML and CSS

  • Very flexible and easy to use backend

  • Not many free templates

  • Very good support


  • Very similar to Prestashop but with more free templates

  • A more advanced backend might mean that it is harder to use

In the end I endup going with Prestashop

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