December 9, 2021

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3 Lessons from Cassidoo interview

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The great thing about having a podcast is that I have an “excuse” to ask questions to people I admire and want to learn from! So far I got to interview incredible entrepreneurs of all sizes and backgrounds…

Recently I got to interview Cassidy Williams (@cassidoo) and she has more than 170K followers on Twitter!! I won’t lie, I was quite nervous… But she was super nice and the interview went really well.

Here are the top 3 things I learned from Cassidy:

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1- Be humble and genuine

It might seem a bit of a clich√© lesson but it does not make it less truthful… With such huge followership, most influencers would ignore small podcasters like me… Not Cassidy, she showed up and spoke openly about her experience in all the past companies she worked in. This just confirms that the real “trick” to personal branding and marketing is to truly be passionate about the topic and the community.

2- Some companies want access to your social media

With less than 500 followers on my Twitter account, this was never an issue personally. But in our chat, Cassidy told the Wannabe Entrepreneurs that she has to pay extra attention to the contracts and make sure that she keeps all the control over her social media. With more than 170K followers I guess that many companies could use it for personal marketing…

3- Don’t be afraid to experiment

There is this tacit rule about the minimum period of time you should stay in a company before being “allowed” to leave without being judged by potential future employers… Well, that rule is BS! Cassity was never afraid to leave a job where she was not happy and that gave her the opportunity to experiment with different types of companies and find which ones she prefers to work at.

These are just 3 of a lot of lessons I took from my casual chat with Cassidy Williams. Would love to hear your thoughts on the interview. What questions did I miss? You can listen to the full chat here

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