September 12, 2022

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Indie Hacking is NOT a Ponzi Scheme!

TLDR: Most Indie Hackers on Twitter are NOT building products targeting other Indie Hackers

After reading this IH the post: Why I hate the indie hackers community on Twitter and seeing so many supportive comments I felt a little bit discouraged.

I love the Indie Hackers community ❤️

Indie Hacking is a noble career path of brave entrepreneurs that fight against society’s status quo with hopes of one day being able to dedicate their full-time changing the world

And even though I do understand that this might be an over-romanticized perspective, I was sad to learn that we are often seen as a big Ponzi scheme.

Is Indie Hacking a Ponzi Scheme?

As the founder of the WBE Space, a community that targets starting bootstrappers I am definitely feeding that theory 😂

Soooo, besides me… 😯

Is it true that most of us are actually targetting other Indie Hackers?

Apparently Not!

I did a Twitter poll asking makers if they were targeting Indie Hackers and got more than 75 answers….

As you can see 80% of the participants said that they are NOT targeting Indie Makers. Also, by scrolling through the more than 180 products submitted on my Indie Lottery we can verify that the target groups are diverse and not only makers…

Why it might feel that most target Indie Makers?

I think that my friend Jasper put it perfectly:

I think it makes sense that people who have relevant stuff to sell in the IH community are trying to be very active on Twitter right? I agree that it’s not always the most interesting, I like reading about how people are building things, what tech they use, etc… However, those kinds of users probably post way less though

Makers that target other makers (like myself) have as our main marketing channels IH and Twitter. Therefore, a lot of our marketing strategies are related to creating content for these platforms… And that’s why you hear more from us…

We can always improve

I do understand the frustration shared by a lot of the other IH that are tired of reading the same kind of content…

But the beauty of being a maker is that you can do something about it!

Build a solution for this problem!

But if you do, be aware: Your target group will be other makers too 🤣

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