August 2, 2022

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Interviews with Successful Indie Makers

As bootstrapping is becoming a popular career path it is getting more common to find makers that can take a substantial amount of revenue from their projects.

Here are 9 podcast interviews with successful Indie Makers that are making above $5K of monthly recurring reveneu:

1- Pieter Level’s Interview

Pieter Level’s is making more than $2M per year from his bootstrapped projects.

Listen to Pieter speak about his upbringing and what motivated him to become an entrepreneur.

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2- Thomas Evans Interview

Thomas is the co-founder of EmailOctopus, a SaaS making millions in revenue. But his career path started at 16 when he moved to India for three months to learn how to build cricket bats.

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3- Rosie Sherry Interview

Rosie Sherry is an expert community builder with several years of experience. Rosie bootstrapped the Ministry of Testing to 7 figures and also worked on Indie Hackers as a community manager.

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4- Ana Bibikova’s Interview

Ana has a great personal story and she had a $4M business but ended burning out. Now she runs an agency based in Cyprus.

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5- Tony Dinh’s Interview

Tony Dinh is a developer turned indie maker that in a year was able to reach 7K MRR. Tony was born in Vietnam and always had a passion for coding, after graduating he worked as a Software Developer for 7 years until finally deciding to quit his job to focus 100% on his projects.

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6- Luca Micheli’s Interview

Luca left college to start his entrepreneurial career and has never looked back. Started building apps back when they entered the market and were able to make them extremely profitable. More recently Luca has founded Customerly, a SaaS that already employs a team of 9.

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7- Steph Taylor’s Interview

Steph speaks about her marketing podcast called Socialette. She is a business launch strategist and a successful entrepreneur. It was great to hear the story behind hey podcast that recently reached 1 million plays.

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8- Arvid Kahl’s Interview

Arvid co-founded and bootstrapped FeedbackPanda, an online teacher productivity SaaS company, with his partner Danielle Simpson.

He has also written many entrepreneurship-related books like Zero to Sold, The Embedded Entrepreneur and now he is writing a Build in Public book.

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9- Dagobert’s Interview

Dagobert started his entrepreneur career since he was 16 building video games and soon after disrupted the French Idol with his website. Recently he quit his well paid job to work on his company Logology

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More Interviews Comming Soon…

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