November 8, 2021

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What is an entrepreneur virtual coworking space?

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What is an entrepreneur virtual coworking space?

A virtual coworking space consists on a slack channel and virtual meeting rooms where small entrepreneurs mento and support each other while building their startups.

What are the struggles of an entrepreneur?

I could write for hours about this topic but if I have to pick one question that always haunts my mind is:

How do I get more users?

It’s a simple question, I know… But the answer is extremely complex because it can be because of a multitude of reasons…

  • Your product is not good enough
  • You are not solving a problem
  • Your competitors and just much better
  • Your marketing is not good enough
  • A combination of all of the above

Is there a simple solution to get more users?

No, there is not. When I ask this question around I always get recommended a variety of different books, blog posts, youtubers, etc… But what I realised is that there is no “one size fits all” solution! Each product or service is different, they have different purposes and different target groups…

So the only really solution is for you to try out multiple approaches until you see what works for you.

How can joining our Coworking space help you?

Going through this process of trial and error, specially alone, is the hardest thing of being an entrepreneur!

There are many times when I question my self and the impostor syndrom kicks in! That’s why I am creating the Wannabe Entrepreenur Virtual Coworking Space for Bootstrappers.

Is a place filled with other entrepreneurs from multiple backgrounds. There you will find like-minded people that either are going or already did go throught the same struggles.

You can get mentorship, motivation and learn from the community what are the most efficient way to overcome your entrepreneurial challenges.

If you are interested in learning more about it checkout this landing page