November 1, 2021

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How can a Millennial Find Purpose at Work?

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Finding or discovering the purpose of your work

This sentence may sound a little cliché but you cannot undermine its importance.

No matter what job you do or what profession you undertake, having a purpose for your efforts is always much more satisfying compared to just exerting your energies, day in and day out, without a clue.

There must be so many of us who left one job for another with a reason of finding a purpose.

However, according to my experience and understanding, joining a start-up can help you find this purpose in the best possible manner.

Reasons why you will find purpose working for a Startup

1- Smaller Team

Start-ups have fewer team members, with generally 8-10 persons maximum.

As a member of this team, you are much more prominent and have the ability to stand out better.

2- Direct Contact with Top leadership

With smaller teams, the channel of communication is also quite small. You even as an employee can directly stay connected with the founder and entrepreneur.

3- Increased Communication

Interaction with other members is much more efficient and productive in start-ups companies because of their small size.

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4- Greater Motivation

In a start-up organization, every individual has a bigger goal to achieve. With direct access to the CEO, you know exactly what your actions can do for the company. Therefore, you feel more energetic and motivated to work towards your targets and objectives.

5- Problem and Idea Sharing

Better communication means that you can share your thoughts, ideas, and problems with the top leadership directly.

In a large established organization, you hardly find a channel to share such information with others.

6- Recognition and Accomplishment

Small start-ups are like families. Your role may be outlined but its accomplishment will mean bigger gains for everyone. Because there are fewer people, even the smallest of accomplishments gains you a lot of recognition.

7- Greater Monetary Gains

Joining a start-up can be financially not so lucrative. Sometimes they may offer lower salaries and sometimes at par with the market. But very often they offer their initial employees stock ownership, this is a long-term economic benefit and will help you work with more motivation and energy to achieve the goals of the company.

8- Opportunities of Learning

As a start-up climbs its way up the business ladder, you as an individual can learn a lot. From establishing your own entity to overcoming the challenges in the market, you can gain a deeper insight into the business world.

Final Thoughts

These were some of the advantages of working in a start-up organization. These benefits help you find a purpose for your job and make it much more worthwhile.

Therefore, if you as a millennial want to find your purpose at work then joining a startup organization is the best choice.