April 7, 2022

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How to Get an Entrepreneur's Attention

Hey there, my name is Tiago and I run the WBE Space, a place where bootstrappers support each other while building their projects.

Lately, I have been mostly focusing on increasing the number of members of the WBE Space, which means that I have been trying to break the dragon of all bootstrappers:

Marketing!! 🐲 🐲

I don’t like doing ads mostly because they are expensive and they don’t seem to work, especially with a product like a community that is not solving an imminent need. Because of that, I have been exploring organic and free ways to bring bootstrappers to my website.

Here are the most efficient ways to do free marketing


This is a great platform for you to collect some potential new users.

Make sure you have an interesting profile bio that is linking to your project, that way every Twitter user that visits your bio is a potential new client.

If you are starting out in the platform here is how you can get your first 100 follwoers.

Indie Hackers

Indie Hackers is the platform where most bootstrappers hang out. You can find posts from big players like Arvid Kahl or smaller players like me 😂. In this platform there are two ways to gather some traffic to your website:

  • Create a Post: Just be real and speak about your struggles or something you learned recently. Make sure to plug your product in a relevant way

  • Comment on a Post: This is a super-effective way to bring traffic to your website, but make sure to plug your product in a relevant way (make sure you plug the link using the markdown sintax). Don’t be too spammy! ⚠️

My comment on a IH post

Learn more about how to use Indie Hackers website for marketing


Once your post is picked up by Google this will be your best source of new users because they will just come to your website without you having to actively work for it every day. With that said, it is extremely hard to be picked up by SEO and it might take multiple tries and months of waiting until you see your first results.

I recently interviewed an SEO expert and here are 3 tips that might help you get started.

Word of Mouth

In my experience word of mouth is not the most effective way to find new clients because in general the people that will be talking about you don’t have a big enough audience to funnel a lot of users your way but definitely it works as social validation that will help other potential interested users to convert to paying users.

Make it easy for your current users to speak about you. One tip that is working well is to come up with a Twitter hashtag for your business.

We use #wbespace hashtag with all wbe related tweets. I started this hashtag a few months ago and if you check it out now there are many tweets from all the members

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