June 5, 2021

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3 tips to successfully raise money on Kickstarter

Hey there. Here are three tips I learned from my successful Kickstarter campaign:

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How to raise money on Kickstarter

1- Make an intro video

On Kickstarter, you can choose to make a little intro video introducing yourself and the project. I started without a video and after creating one the number of donations tripled. People like to connect a face to the project and are more willing to donate before “meeting” you.

2- Your social media should be 80% content and 20% asking for money

If you are always asking for money people will treat you as spam so it’s important to work on creating nice, engaging content that will motivate people to contribute to your project.

3- Keep sharing until the end

Sometimes it might feel that you have already exhausted all or network and social media but keep on creating content until the campaign ends. People normally need to see your posts there, four times before actually deciding to donate. I hope you found these tips useful. I recently recorded a podcast episode where I share my Kickstarter experience and speak more in-depth about these tips I just shared.

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