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How to move childnodes between parent nodes in a nosql db like firebase?

I am using firebase in podsqueeze. And the structure is something like:


episode_name: {}



But I want to move that episode_name node to another podcast_name. I realise that a relational db might be better in this case. But assuming that I want to continue with nosql what would be the better way to do it?

author Tiago Ferreira

8 Answers

<@U02NH9BN5FY>, <@U045TKKKB7G>, Justyna Ilczuk any ideas?

writen by Tiago Ferreira

Imho it depends. I don’t see any reason not to move it into a different structure if that suits you better

writen by Benedikt

What is the use case? Human one.

writen by Bartolomeu Rodrigues

I’m still too stuck on the relational model. episode_name must have a doc id or a path in Firebase. Can you put a string referencing it and fetch it when you need it? This will off course make you do extra queries, which is not cheap in firebase

writen by Bartolomeu Rodrigues

and i guess for that a relational database would suit me better no Bartolomeu Rodrigues?

writen by Tiago Ferreira

It seems like it But don’t push it if not really necessary

writen by Benedikt

I always do stuff with relational first, because most jobs and education hammered me that way. NoSQL for me is for Proof of concepts or data dumps

writen by Bartolomeu Rodrigues

I call Mongo the ol’ flashdrive

writen by Bartolomeu Rodrigues

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