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How would you realistically measure the max MRR Podsqueeze (or any other SaaS) can reach?

João Amaro and I are always questioning the future of our business. Because our growth seems to have stagnated a little bit, we start to question where are our growth limits… How can we calculate this? 🤔

author Tiago Ferreira

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That’s a tough one. The more accurate you want to be the more variables you have to take into account.

Like very much simplified: Potential amount of Customers - No Product Market Fit Customers - Customers you can’t possibly reach - Customers who can’t/do not want to afford you = your growth limit Where each of those is another calculation in itself.

Long story short imho you can only narrow it down but never be very accurate about it.

writen by Benedikt

hmmm can you work backwards from the customers you have? e.g. how many listeners they have/what genre theyre in/position on the leaderboard and do some extrapolation from that?

writen by Matt Gale

that might allow you to say something like- the top 700 podcasts in each category are sizeable enough that they could be in our market if they dont use a agency or something

writen by Matt Gale

somewhat related: Alhough you wouldn’t really have user capacity like in this article - you might be limited to a raw number of new monthly clients due to marketing/onboarding, while churn is a percentage.

writen by Jasper Schoormans

Great read Jasper Schoormans

writen by Benedikt

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