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Has anyone here used an AI tool to generate illustrations?

Looking for some AI generated illustrations for my blog

I want to try Midjourney but it is paid. I don’t mind subscribing but I want to be sure it works well for my requirements.

I want to generate illustrations for all my blog posts going forward, so want them to be standardized in terms of style and theme.

I tried wepik and deepai - not happy with the results I got there

author Kavya

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I like midjourneys results over stablediffusion and I’ve tried both.

You can definitely create illustrations and you can do some form of continuity using a previous image as well.

It’s really down to your prompt. Using the same adjectives to describe the image should help with consistency in style.

writen by Andre Flores

Ah nice! What kind of images did you generate on Midjourney?

writen by Kavya

Yup, I’m still learning how to write effective prompts, some of them are waay off compared to what I had in mind haha

writen by Kavya

I stopped my subscription but these were the ones I did when I had it.

writen by Andre Flores

You can use Bing’s image creator for free <https//> (it uses DALL-E). I’m no expert, so don’t know how it compares with others…

writen by Philip is still on my list to try but from what I could see so far it seems to be a good fit for illustrations

writen by Benedikt

have you tried promptbase Kavya, you may get a prompt from there for 2-3 bucks that’d give you what you want in midjourney

writen by Asli Kahraman

I have midjourney subscription and I used it sometimes to create Twitter posts. The results are often amazing but I find it hard to explain what I want to the AI so it always ends up being a compromise.

writen by Tiago Ferreira

Thanks Philip, will check out Bing

writen by Kavya

Benedikt Thanks for the suggestion. I tried Ideogram and it’s super cool!

writen by Kavya

Asli Kahraman no, I haven’t tried promptbase So it would give me a prompt but I still need to use it in Midjourney? It won’t give me the actual image, is my understanding correct?

writen by Kavya

Tiago Ferreira haha me too! There’s a gap between what I want and what results I get. I suppose now we (makers) need to learn ‘prompt engineering’ skill as well

writen by Kavya

yes that’s right! Kavya

writen by Asli Kahraman

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