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Anybody you would recommend?

Looking to invest a few thousand bucks in branding, logo, identity, etc.


Input: interview with me and co-founder, looking at all the LPs, UIs, and social media that already exists.

Output: logo, color schemes, typography rules, style rules, examples (no actual LP/app design done by them).

Ideally, somebody you had experience working with.

author Kirill Rogovoy

6 Answers

I have personally worked with Bombay Duck Designs and they are pretty good

writen by Kavya

They charged around USD 4,000 for a logo, brand guidelines (colours, typography, rules etc), app gif (logo tailored to ‘loading’ state)

writen by Kavya

So full CI (corporate identity) then?

writen by Benedikt

What about Lucie Baratte?

writen by Benedikt

Kavya thanks a lot!

writen by Kirill Rogovoy

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