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But is it actually worse then - NO Product-Hunt launch at all?

Product-Hunt or Analyze-Paralyze

Hey, I hear / read a lot about how to or how not to publish on Product-Hunt.

With the result of me - never ever having published anything on Product-Hunt.

Now this week I have a BIG thing to announce - a new sales page, new prices, lots of features.. but I have prepared nothing for product hunt.

But I start to realize - a “failed” Product Hunt launch may be bad -

I also heard its not like you just have to do a SINGLE PH launch.. you could do many.. so.. Why not just doing a first launch.. learning.. and making it better next time?

That whole thing of THE PERFECT PH launch really paralyzes me! Anyone else with the same thinking / problem?

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I’ve been thinking about a PH launch too. My main reason is that I need the eyeballs.

I’m pretty sure my tool - a B2B saas app for HR - is going to fail to be at the top - mostly because PH is not the place for B2B saas apps.

But I’m going to get a lot of eyeballs and hopefully some of them will convert - even if it’s a very poor conversion ratio - it’ll be great.

I’m thinking about adding a lead magnet before my PH launch. That will let me capture emails of the people who’re not ready to signup - so that way I can nurture them and hopefully they’ll convert a few weeks/months later.

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Tiago Ferreira, haven’t you even created an episode on this?

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Thanks for tagging me <@U0291TCQSUX>. I also wrote a blog post about it. <https//>

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Tbh WBE User I believe that a bad PH is actually worse than No PH launch for two reasons: 1- You are not suppose to launch the same product often. So you would need to wait 6months or so 2- You will demotivate and waste time

So better give your best. And actually there are 3 golden rules to follow:

1- Prepare the launch page in advance and use proper media and copy 2- Gather around an audience that will upvote your product once it’s out 3- Wake up at 12am pacific time and spend the whole day messaging people and ask for upvotes

writen by Tiago Ferreira

Also Luca Restagno (ikoichi on Twitter) has made a nice guide about it

writen by Tiago Ferreira


This is the guide

writen by Sanat Hegde

Thanks for sharing! I totally agree with you folks.

writen by Luca Restagno (ikoichi on Twitter)

Also what’s your goal? Get the product of the day badge (first 5 positions) and get more traffic to your website? I makes a bit of a difference, especially on the week day to launch on.

writen by Luca Restagno (ikoichi on Twitter)

Very briefly: Badge -> weekends Traffic -> week day

writen by Luca Restagno (ikoichi on Twitter)

There are some things you could do well described in my guide, but without a good audience (1k of very supportive people is enough) it’s very difficult to stay on top of the list.

writen by Luca Restagno (ikoichi on Twitter)

I don’t have clear data to justify it, but in my case, the MRR of Hivoe started growing ~1 month after the launch (I have a 14-days trial). Are they correlated? I don’t know to be honest. Maybe it was just my audience that started compounding.

But if you are looking for proof of quality, the 1st, 2nd, 3rd badge of the day is something good to show on your landing page. Yet, it really doesn’t mean your product is good, but you know, marketing…

writen by Luca Restagno (ikoichi on Twitter)

Also, as a side effect, if the launch is well done on Twitter, it gives you some visibility.

writen by Luca Restagno (ikoichi on Twitter)

I’ve never seen great results from IH, or Reddit But I should probably invest more time in them.

Just my experience, I’ll still try to use those channels :wink:

writen by Luca Restagno (ikoichi on Twitter)

I H?

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Indie hackers

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IH they don’t even let me post… And then their founder wrote me asked for feedback…I gave it…He did not even reply… Wow

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