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Shall we create a community for our SaaS?

We have already 2k registered users and I wanted to create a slack based community for them. That way we could be closer to our users and understand their struggles. At the same time I am afraid that if people have a bad experience in our community it might affect their relationship with the product. What are your thoughts?

author Tiago Ferreira

4 Answers

I’ve seen Softr, Tally, Feedhive all run very effective communities. You’re going to have bad experiences- it’s about how you handle them. If you can show quick and effective responses in that community it’ll reflect well on you. In addition your community might answer the questions for you.

writen by Maxwell Davis

good point Max. What other benefits are there?

writen by Tiago Ferreira

You get direct and instant communication with your customers - which can result in all parts of things like which features to develop, understanding common UI/UX issues, and you can also see what they’re using the product for.

writen by Maxwell Davis

Thank you for your help. I decided to create one Let’s see

writen by Tiago Ferreira

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